Honoring Mom


Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13, I wrote this poem in honor of my own mother who passed away in 2010.

A mother’s love can fix it all

I did once believe,

From simple bumps and bruises

To my skinned up knees.

She’d kiss away the minor pain

That wasn’t much to start

With gentle hands and soothing words

That came right from her heart.

But as a teen, the source of pain,

Heartaches and rejection,

Couldn’t just be kissed away

Or healed by her affection.

She’d try her best to offer me

Her advice and wisdom.

But as an independent teen

I rarely truly listened.

But it seems that as I grew,

Learning as I got older,

The more my mother really knew

But I think I never told her.

She was loving, patient and kind,

Giving herself away

Impressing always in my mind

How to live each day.

Now she’s gone and I often think

I wish we could be together

But life goes by in just a blink

And now her presence, severed

But if I could honor her and be

Just half of all she’d been

Then I’ll know her memory

Guides me now as she did then.

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