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I recently made a long overdue visit to my hair stylist. For some reason I just couldn’t find the time to have my hair cut until I finally became so frustrated with it that I was just about willing to take a pair of scissors to it myself.

I made an appointment to have my hair cut on the first free Saturday I’ve had in a long time. Even before my hair was dried I could feel the lightness of it. My curls were no longer weighed down or quite so frizzy.

When my stylist mentioned not seeing me in a while and asked how long it had been since I’d been in, I told her it had been too long. I explained how I nearly took scissors and started hacking away at it on my own. She said that as the one who would have had to fix whatever mess I’d made of my hair, I would have been in trouble with her had I done so. Of course, it was all in fun. She’s really a delightful and pleasant young woman.

I find it remarkable how much better I felt leaving the salon than when I entered. I wasn’t there for color or highlights or to have my hair set for a special function. It was just a regular cut that was late in coming.

If color, highlights, extensions or a basic hair cut makes you feel good, I encourage you to have it done and not put it off. It’s a lot cheaper than cosmetic surgery, takes less time than dieting and exercise yet it still makes you feel attractive, or in my case, presentable to the public.

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