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No sooner do stores begin taking down back to school supplies, then Halloween items are being set on shelves. Turn around and Christmas trees and decorations are being put on display. Soon to follow is New Year’s stuff.

Once you’ve purchased new school clothes, be ready to find that perfect Halloween costume. Of course, before you’ve finished handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, you’ll have to pick up items to make the perfect Christmas pie and find toys to go under the tree for your little ones. Is it any wonder that folks are so stressed during the holiday season or why so many even become depressed?

In all the rush between trick-or-treat and making Santa wish lists there is one almost overlooked holiday, Thanksgiving.

I used to wonder how Thanksgiving got missed in stores. Though in truth, the grocery stores and some catering companies do use Thanksgiving as an advertising gimmick to sell turkeys and holiday trimmings.

Thanksgiving should be a time of, well, giving thanks. It should be that break in the rest of the holidays that allows us to take account of all our blessings and show appreciation to the people we love. Perhaps if we really took stock of all we possess, material and immaterial, we could be content with what we have.

I know nearly every mother has probably said to eat all that’s on your plate because some starving child in … would be grateful to have your food. It may seem cliché’, but there are so many things Americans have that would be envied in so many other parts of the world. Some may not be what you’d expect – indoor, running water for one.

So, when you see fall-colored leaves or any autumn decorations, take a minute to appreciate all you have, because there may not be much in stores to remind you when it’s Thanksgiving. After all, it’s hard to commercialize gratitude.


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