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Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy a good football game. Though my favorite team didn’t make it into the playoffs, I will probably be watching the Super Bowl come Sunday, Feb. 4.

I may be taking a risk by stating that I’ll be cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles. I might even be endangering my own life by revealing that while my preferred team is in the NFC East conference, it isn’t the Dallas Cowboys. I actually pull for the Washington Redskins.

While I won’t bore you with how a Texan can NOT be a fan of the Cowboys and why I do like the Redskins, I would like to address one issue that came to light – again – this past Sunday.

Professional football players, regardless of the fact that they play a game for a living, ought to act, well, professional. Let’s face it, whether by their choice or not, they are role models for our youth.

I understand a championship is on the line. I understand one can get frustrated when you do your part, but you are only one member of a larger whole and your part just isn’t enough. I get it. I do.

I also understand, as an adult, there are times when we simply have to keep our cool. We cannot allow our personal frustrations and disappointments to spill over and become angry actions.

Though the ‘my team is better than your team’ doesn’t bother me so much, I don’t like trash talk when it is directed at individuals, particularly when it becomes personal. So, you can imagine my opinion on the pushing and shoving that takes place on the gridiron. I certainly can’t stand to see all out brawls.

All I’m saying is, for the amount of money they are paid to be professional athletes, they should exemplify good-sportsmanship. After all, our children are watching.


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