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Father’s Day


For me, it is the smell of motor oil and greasy shop rags. Or the sound of a fire truck’s siren as it speeds by. Or maybe it is picking out fresh produce from a farmer’s market. All of these things remind me of my dad. You see, throughout all the years I was a kid growing up in his home, he was a fireman for Tyler Fire Department. On his days off, he worked in our giant garden and fixed cars. So when I see or smell or hear those things, they make me think of my dad. I’m curious what things remind you of your own father?

I realize that, for some of you, thinking of your dad is not easy. Perhaps you were the victim of abuse at the hands of your father. Or maybe you have sad memories of your childhood. Or maybe you are like my husband, not quite ready to think about Father’s Day so soon after losing your dad. For you, I am sorry. I hate that you were not blessed with a dad like my own, or like the one my children get to hug and laugh with every day. For those of you who are missing your dad this year, I’m so sorry. There is something special about the relationship a dad has with his children.

With that in mind, I asked my male friends on Facebook to help me out. They were asked to tell me about their favorite Father’s Day gift or to tell me about their dream gift if they have not received it yet. The answers were wide and varied.

One friend said that he would love to get a chartered fishing trip, an old fashioned straight razor set or a steak dinner. However, he noted that his favorite gifts to this point have been homemade things from the kids.

Another friend said that homemade gifts are the best because the kids put so much of themselves into the gift.

My friend Kirk said that his favorite so far has been a Stitch (as in Lilo and Stitch, the Disney movie) coffee mug. His dream gifts include fancy guns.

Another friend said that his favorite was a small piggy bank that his boys decorated and gave him several years ago. It was so perfect that it has sat on his nightstand ever since he was given it.

Mike represented a whole different category of dads. I am quite certain that my own husband would give me this same answer. He said that he tried to think of something but just is not into getting gifts. He said he would much rather have a good meal with everyone together. Most of his gift choices would include things that are too expensive or very specific that no one can buy for him without him picking the items out. However he did say that if he was pressed, his fantasy gift would be an all-expenses paid vacation to Europe.

Maybe it’s time that we all reconsider the tradition new tie or wallet gifts for Father’s Day. Ask your dad for a list this year of his favorite gifts or his dream gift. He might just surprise you with his answer.

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