Denim for Diabetes brings in more than pocket change


Four students from Whitehouse High School’s Future Health Professionals Organization (HOSA) have teamed up to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. Jazmin Ray, Alexcis Bright, Ashley Taylor and Maggie Magee put together a fundraiser that was held at the high school.

“Denim for Diabetes” made it possible for the faculty to wear denim if they made a small donation to Type 1 Diabetes fund. All proceeds were donated to the local organization, “Tyler Type 1 Diabetes.”

After raising $554 in just two weeks of fundraising, the group decided to visit with other organizations to raise public awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. They would also like to share this information with the community due to the importance of diagnosing the disease in its early stages.

Symptoms to be aware of are frequent urination, rapid heart rate, delayed healing of wounds, excessive thirst and nausea.

Should these symptoms continue for no other apparent reason, you should see a doctor.