Cop car wash contest: who washes whose?


All donations to be counted in the official tally for the No Shave November contest between the police departments of Troup and Arp must be submitted by 5 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 30. The total contributions collected by each department will be calculated and a winner determined. All donations will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

The police department that raises fewer funds will travel to the opposing city and wash the fleet of the competing department. This will not leave either city without a police presence as any officer on duty will remain on duty in the city and only a few representatives of the department will participate in the car washing according to Troup Police Chief Pat Hendrix .

“It will probably be me, my deputy and a couple of officers,” Hendrix said of those who would be washing cars in Arp should his department lose. “But I really think they [Arp officers] will be coming here.”

Troup police also held an in house competition between officers. School resource officer Kyndal Brown leads the department with $3,214 in donations as of Tuesday, Nov. 28. Brown won last year’s contest “handily,” according to Hendrix.

“She’s leading as of now, but the guys are giving her a run this year,” Hendrix commented. In fact, Brown’s own husband, Nathan Brown, was in second place as of Nov. 28 with a total of $3,191. Nathan Brown serves Troup as a field training officer and patrolman.

Together, the officers of the Troup PD have exceeded their 2017 fund-raising goal of $10,240 as of Nov. 28.

Arp police department reports a total over $4,000 as of the same date which may result in Police Chief Craig Robinson helping wash Troup police department vehicles.

“I’m going to make my assistant chief go with me,” Robinson said. The two along with a couple of other officers may soon be washing vehicles in Troup.

Though an original date of Friday, Dec. 1, had been set for the car wash, the event will likely be postponed as Robinson reported some of his staff will be attending the funeral service of Department of Public Safety Trooper Damon Allen on that day.


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