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Coincidence or conspiracy


Conspiracy theorists. I’m certain many conspiracy theorists were stirred up with the recent governmental release, and non-release, of classified information regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Many theories abounded when the murder took place nearly 54 years ago.

You might think some of the theories would fade with time or with the additional information released by the government. Many people, however, just become more adamant in their particular views, not only regarding JFK, but Area 51, the moon landing, the government spying on us through our television sets and a myriad of others.

I suppose I could be considered a conspiracy theorist, but probably not for the things you might expect. I don’t care about Area 51 because I don’t believe in aliens (unless angels count).

I don’t think the government is spying on me specifically, through my TV, computer or phone; though I don’t doubt there are many in power who will do anything to keep it. While there may be dossiers on individuals, I’m pretty certain I’m not important enough a person for the government to follow.

I do believe that the television networks somehow conspire to show commercials at identical times during programming so that I cannot switch between and watch two shows during the same time slot. It doesn’t matter what day, time or program. Whenever I want to watch another show, because the one I was looking at went into commercial, I’ll change the channel only to find the second show also in commercial. It happens so often it must be a conspiracy, right?

When my children were younger, they always found ways to keep occupied and out of trouble. That is, until I got on the phone. Back then I didn’t have a cell phone and our house phone wasn’t cordless. This left me tethered to the wall with about four feet of cording. The ringing phone must have been some signal to my children to suddenly become needy, or loud, or unruly. It happened without fail. If that isn’t a conspiracy, I’d like to know what is.


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