City improvement projects to begin soon


The City of Whitehouse has announced a significant amount of street and drainage improvements will soon begin. Bidding for the work should be completed by late spring with work beginning by mid-summer.

The first portion of drainage projects, Phase 1A, includes work on Amanda Court, Partridge Lane and Gardenview Street. Engineering drawings for these jobs can be found posted on the facebook page City of Whitehouse Texas.

Bids for Phase 1A have been received and will be considered at the next city council meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 22. Once a bid is accepted by the city, it is possible that work could begin within 30 days of approval. Aaron Smith, city manager for Whitehouse, anticipates the length of time to complete Phase 1A not to take longer than six months once begun though he cautions it is difficult to project a time frame until a contractor is chosen.

The drainage improvements are expected to take as much as 2½ years to complete overall. The streets portion of the project is expected to be finished within 18 months from the project start date.

A full list of planned improvements can be found on the home page of the city website There is a link inside the text under the heading Street and Drainage Improvements.

“We understand that this will cause some temporary inconvenience for some of our residents and we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns,” reads a statement posted on the city website. “We will do our best to make the process go as smooth as possible for you and your family. We know that the end result will greatly improve Whitehouse.”

For more information, contact Jeff Tomlin, public works director, at (903) 839-4914, Ext. *232.

Costs for these city improvements will be paid for through certificates of obligation. The city approved the authorization of certificates of obligation not to exceed $6,000,000 at a council meeting on Jan. 23.


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