City council recognizes donors


Second-grade students who presented a $937.50 check to the Troup Community Development Corporation were recognized by Mayor Joe Carlyle at the Troup city council meeting, Monday, May 21. The students had presented the proceeds of their lemonade stand to assist with the cost of construction a splash park in town. The second-grade representatives were given certificates, one for each class, recognizing their efforts on behalf of the city.

City council members who ran unopposed for office were given certificates of election and sworn in for their new term of office. These included Nelson Darden, Jr., Place 2, Brandi Barton, Place 3 and Joe Carlyle as Mayor. Carole Wilson, Place 5, also ran unopposed but was not present for the meeting.

The city council approved several items during the meeting including the sale of struck off tax property, accepting the engineer’s recommendation of awarding the construction contract for the water system improvements adjacent to East Paschal and South Athena Streets to Capps-Capco Construction for the base bid of $230,162 and authorizing the use of Court Technology Funds up to $1,000 for the purchase of new computers for the clerical department of Troup City Hall.

The council also consented to the TCDC’s proposal to spend $10,000 to support the splash park project. Carlyle also announced that he and his wife Debbie would be donating an amount to the splash park, matching the students’ contribution.

The agreement for a second Student Resource Officer for Troup Independent School District was approved as well. Officer Judith Skinner has been chosen for the position and her duties as SRO will begin Wednesday, Aug. 1.

There was much discussion with Game Warden Brian Bearden concerning wild hogs. Bearden mentioned research currently ongoing, fencing out the hogs, laws against discharging firearms within city limits and finally concluded that the best measure was to have an experienced trapper remove the hogs. He did state he would give the council the contact information of a trapper he knew in case the city’s problem with hogs should reach the point a trapper was needed.


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