Celebrating 30 years of service


Blake McElroy is celebrating 30 years of employment with Brookshire’s, a job he began at the age of 16. He spent nine years sacking groceries at the Troup location, transferring in 1997 to the Brookshire’s store in Whitehouse where he now serves as cashier.

“I get to see everybody every day and the same people every week,” McElroy said is his favorite part of the job.

He gets to know his customers and states that some even stand in line just to have him wait on them. McElroy considers himself a people-person and likes his position as cashier where he can interact with customers.

McElroy stated he would be out two or three months for medical reasons, but didn’t want his customers to think he had retired.

“I will be back,” he assured.

McElroy is pleased, not only with his long-term employment, but with the company with which he is employed.

“Brookshire’s is a very good company to work for,” McElroy stated. “I’ve been there 30 years but it doesn’t seem like I’ve been there that long. They are just good people. The company and the people [customers] are friendly. I love my job and I miss it when I’m not there.”


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