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Books, books and more books!


If you have read this column for any length of time, you know I am a big reader. While I have a huge bookshelf next to my bed, there are stacks of books on my night stand, on the floor at the foot of my bed, and in various other locations around my house. The funny part is my husband is exactly the same, always in the middle of two or three books. To say that our bedroom is home to hundreds of books would be an understatement. We need a personal library!

We have a problem, y’all. While we both have oodles of books on hand at any given time, we both are drawn to book stores, book sales, yard sale book tables, thrift store book shelves and discount book shops. In the past year, there have been two times that one of my kids needed a particular book for school. In both instances, I emailed Pea Picker used books and asked if they had the book required. Both times, they had it and set it aside for me to come by and pick up. As many customers as they have, when I walked in both times, the owner pulled my selected book from under the counter and got it ready to be rung up. He knows me by sight! Clearly I have been there often. (If you have never been to their store, go for a visit and tell them I sent you!)

Now and then I will buy a book and get it home before I begin reading and realize that I have read the book before. It’s funny when that happens because it sort of feels like maybe I have read all the books out there and I’m just starting over. My husband says it is because I enjoy the same genres of books so all the stories seem similar (to him.)

Recently, at a yard sale, I found books number two, three and four of a series. I had heard the author’s name before and had friends who have mentioned this particular series in the past. I decided that, since I could purchase the second through fourth books of the series cheaply, I would go home and locate the first book online and make the purchase to complete the set. When I mentioned it on Facebook, a friend spoke up that she owned the series and would loan me the missing books. I agreed and thanked her. The next day, she came to my doorstep with a large grocery bag. Apparently this series has fourteen books in it, not four! I was intrigued and figured I had found my summer reading! However, as I have been reading the first book, I have determined that perhaps this is not the right series for me, whether there are four books or fourteen. I hate to put down a book without giving it enough time to hook me, but I am nearly two hundred pages into this one and just don’t feel compelled to continue, so these books will be going back to their owner soon. (Thank you Sandy Jordan!)

I am not discouraged, however, because I have at least twenty books on my shelves waiting for me to pick them up. And who knows how many others are still waiting for me to bring them home from Pea Picker or garage sales this summer!

Do you have anything hobby-related that your hoard like I do books?

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