Letter to the Editor

Arp ISD thanks Ozarka Water


I would like to publically thank Ozarka Water in Hawkins for donating four pallets of bottled water to Arp Independent School District. The water system of the City of Arp has been found to have excessive levels of asbestos in their drinking water. The city water pipes are over 50 years old and in some instances much older. These pipes are beginning to break down and release asbestos into the water. The city is investigating multiple plans to replace these antiquated pipes, but it will take some time.

My concern is for my students and staff and I want to provide them with the safest water available. When I contacted Ozarka Water in Hawkins, they reacted quickly and within one day we had over 7000 bottles of water at our disposal. Ozarka’s willingness to help us out is a true testament to the type of company they are. One that understands they are part of the East Texas family and they want to help in any way they can.

Dwight G. Thomas

AISD Superintendent


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