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Always a mom


You never quit being a mom. This is something I learned over Father’s Day weekend. Go figure.

Our children were all under our roof on Father’s Day this year. My husband didn’t know everyone was coming in to visit, so it was an enjoyable surprise for him. We even had an “adopted” child with her two little ones, a 14-month-old boy and 2-month old girl.

I use adopted in quotations because she wasn’t formally adopted. She is one of those children who is such close friends with one of our own and has been for so long that we claim her, too.

The husband of my eldest had to return home Sunday evening because he was due at work Monday morning. Yet, I still informed him he had to call one of us to let us know he had made it home safely. Even though he is an adult, you might think that was an appropriate request since he was traveling alone and at night. Of course he called my daughter, his wife, to let her know he’d made it back.

Kristina, who is my oldest and 27, traveled home Monday morning with her friend Ashley (who is 30) and the two infants. If you thought I wouldn’t worry about two grown ladies traveling together in broad daylight, you’d be wrong. They, too, were informed to let me know when they arrived back in Durant, Oklahoma.

My middle child had gone on to visit a friend in the Dallas area after seeing us. She was also told to let me know when she left Dallas and when she arrived home (in the Houston area).

I don’t worry about their traveling on a day-to-day basis when they go to work, church, shopping or to visit with friends. So, I’m not certain if it is just that they were each traveling for hours or that they were on roads they don’t take on any regular basis, but I wanted to know they each had made their destinations.

It was very good to see them all, even if they are independent adults and don’t need me as much. I’m told their ability to care for themselves, their finances and their relationships is evidence I did something right in raising them. But, I guess I will always be concerned for their well-being because no matter how old they get, I’ll never quit being a mom.

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