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My younger self never gave much thought to getting old. While I have certainly grown older, I don’t usually consider myself to be “old.” Most days being older, not quite old, doesn’t bother me.

I have many life experiences, the memories of which I wouldn’t trade just to be young again. Some of those memories include my wedding, the births of my children, a trip with my middle child to Costa Rica and a more recent mission trip to Mexico with my husband.

Not only do I have the memories, I still retain my mind, though my children might argue that point. While my brain is still capable of function, it seems my body is wearing out. I think this is the part of “old” I don’t like.

The mind functions, but the body does not. In fact, the body seems to be falling apart. That makes me wonder how the saying “age is just a state of mind” ever came into being.

I have never had good knees. The best way to describe my problem is to say that my knees need a realignment in order for the bones in the thigh and shin to line up properly. It was never that big a deal when I was a teen. I played volleyball and softball and marched in the band, but I did have to give up basketball.

I had the option of surgery, but basketball wasn’t the top of my “to do” list and surgery would have sidelined me from the things that were. I also don’t like hospitals or the thought of being put under anesthetic, much less a scalpel.

However, when the second knee gives out and puts you on crutches - again, you begin to consider your options. Don’t look for me in the hospital just yet, though. I’m getting pretty good at using crutches.

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