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There are many types of gardens. There are large ones that take up an entire yard and there are some that consist of only a few plants in pots on the front porch. I remember the garden my grandparent’s had when I was growing up. They grew eggplant which was purple. Purple being my favorite color, I just knew I’d like eggplant. Wrong. It may have a pretty package, but I just didn’t care for the fried eggplant my grandmother served. v more
There are lots of old sayings that hold great wisdom. Things like “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” make good sense. But there are a few that make me chuckle, roll my eyes and shake my head. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Whoever said that was a big liar. more
“Ya can’t fix stupid.” It’s a line tossed about daily with abandon. In my case--and this is an admission made “frog-throated” and typed with shaky fingers--I plead guilty. The sting is even greater when our judgment--in certain moments when efforts are squeezed to save a few bucks--is sorely lacking, maybe totally absent. Sequentially, I “flubbed.” One would think I’d never traveled before…. more
I recently had the privilege of attending the Troup Chamber of Commerce banquet honoring city and school employees. The guest speaker was Whitehouse resident John Moore. During his speech he recalled trying to get his father to write down some of his memories, his stories. He told the audience that his father’s reply was, “Who’d want to read that?” more
A few years back, you guys all read my column as I walked through my oldest daughter’s senior year of high school. I was in a constant state of emotional sappiness. Every single thing she did that year made me cry. I am pretty sure that I spent the majority of the year dehydrated from all the tears I shed. Every milestone, every “last” thing she did, everything about her senior year made me sob. However, somehow, I made it through graduation day without needing intravenous fluids. more
Waxing biblical comes easily when one visits beautiful Colorado. If we “looketh up”--as the psalmists did--we can do them one better on the topic of elevation. In Psalm 121, they “lifted their eyes unto the hills” from which “cameth” their strength. How about gazing even higher--yea, toward the mountains, for relaxation and refreshment? (Colorado leads the nation with 53 peaks towering more than 14,000 feet, well ahead of Alaska’s 29.) more
Have you ever heard the word synaesthesia? I first heard it years ago on a news program. Synaesthesia is defined as a rare but broad neurological phenomenon in which the stimulation of one sensory or neurological pathway automatically stimulates a second sensory pathway. more
Let’s start this off by making a few things clear. We are not wealthy people. We are not fancy people. We are not the type of people who enjoy shopping endlessly. Not only do we not have the money for that, we’re just way too practical to spend gobs of money on things. If the items don’t have significant, long term, or eternal value, we generally skip them. It just isn’t how my family functions. more
Songs are often slathered in over-simplification. We’ve generally gone along with the musical proclamation that our smiles trigger the rest of the world to smile with us. Wait a minute. The world ignores, remaining ambivalent, whether we’re smiling or not. more
I recently made a long overdue visit to my hair stylist. For some reason I just couldn’t find the time to have my hair cut until I finally became so frustrated with it that I was just about willing to take a pair of scissors to it myself. I made an appointment to have my hair cut on the first free Saturday I’ve had in a long time. Even before my hair was dried I could feel the lightness of it. more
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