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Last month, my husband and I celebrated our twenty-third wedding anniversary. We actually dated for two years before we got married, so it was sort of a twenty-five year anniversary. We have three great kids who are all nearly grown. Savannah’s twenty-one and in college, living two and a half hours away on her own, doing well. Sam is a senior and working here in Whitehouse. Sarah is a junior who is in the band and has a part time job. They are healthy. They are more
Rarely do I make promises that I do not intend to keep. I am quick to make ‘em, though, if they’re likely to be forgotten by the person to whom they’re made. Examples of the “likely-to-be-forgottens” include the promise to avoid chocolate for 60 days or to chew each bite of food 28 times. more
Here lately, I have seen a lot of articles, blogs, and memes online about kindness. Not just random acts of kindness, but whole movements of people celebrating those who make a choice to be kind, to use kind words, to encourage kindness in others. And I love it! I think our world would be such a better place if we all lived this way day to day. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where people continually sought out ways to bless others instead of continually seeking ways to destroy others? more
My Uncle Mort, who has called the thicket his home during his 105 years of life, has a new neighbor who may have been made in the same mold. Oh, calling him a “neighbor” may be a stretch, since his spread is over the river and through the woods from Mort’s. Let’s call the neighbor “Bud,” who probably is 30 years Mort’s junior. The men look at life through similar lenses, and if they aren’t from the same “family tree,” surely they hail from the same orchard. more
A few months ago, my son was working at a local fast food place. While he has never been one to shy away from work, he had grown weary of working in a restaurant and longed for a change. Being stuck inside, standing over a fryer or leaning out a drive-thru window was wearing on him. One day, he walked into Brookshire’s after school to get a frozen pizza and a soda and the manager approached him. He talked to him about a job offer and my son jumped on the opportunity. The rest, as they say, is history. more
This high school choir teacher maintains a high excitement level throughout the year, but it peaks with the beginning of school each fall. That’s when she’s on high alert to sign up new members. And she does it with the zeal of a gal awarded a 10-yard head start in a Sadie Hawkins Day race. Sandra Sanders Mattson, Killeen High School men’s choir director, is ever “at the ready” to add another voice, and if it happens to be bass, that’s all the better. She has found, at times, that the best way to a student’s vocal chords is through the stomach, and if it involves an infrequent “made-from-scratch” kitchen assignment, so be it…. more
I often find myself lost in the vortex that is the internet. It seems to suck you in and before you know it, hours have passed. I like to think I have more self-control than that, but apparently I do not. more
I want to thank the wise young mom who brought the question all parents of future leaders ask about our strong-willed children. “I’m a mild-mannered person who has an extremely strong-willed children. How do I cope?” more
They were called “greasy spoons,” those folksy diners of yesteryear. Printed menus were limited, but waitpersons had their slang menu “down pat.” The one I remember best had a single line of stools, and patrons typically waited in outdoor lines for weekday “lunch runs.” more
This week has been a test of mama strength for me. Or maybe it was a test of my willingness to let go and trust God to take care of my kiddo? You see, my oldest child lives alone, about an hour or so north of Houston. Watching news reports about rising floodwaters in Houston kept me glued to my phone, watching for texts or phone calls. I kept imagining her climbing out onto the balcony of her second floor apartment, waiting for a boat to come by and rescue her. more
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