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Books are a gateway into another world and the reader can choose which door to walk through and what world to enter. Whether you prefer science fiction or a steamy romance, there are plenty of stories to read and nowadays, many ways to read them. I prefer the old fashioned way of reading - holding an actual book, smelling the ink and paper and turning the pages as you progress through the story. Don’t get me wrong. Electronic readers do have their uses. Considering the slim designs of the various readers, one can carry multiple books on trips without having to carry multiple books. more
A few weeks ago my husband and I attended a wedding for a young couple we met a decade ago when they were young teens. In their wedding invitation, which we received about a month prior to the wedding, there was a note requesting that everyone attending RSVP to a phone number included by a certain date. I set the note aside with every intention of calling the number to let them know we would be coming, but I got busy. Before I knew it, the date had come and gone and I had never replied. Fortunately, we know the family and I was able to send a message through the bride to apologize for our tardiness and to let them know we were coming. I felt terrible for being late in my response. more
For several days, I’ve started off humming a certain tune extracted from memories of Vacation Bible School days. (At times, I have broken into song, but retreated quickly to humming--or sometimes whistling--upon my wife’s mention that a continuance of the off-key noises, however joyful, threatens to ruin her day.) Mine is a modified version of “This Little Light of Mine.” A more accurate title would be “That Little Light of His.” more
When will it be fall? According to the calendar, autumn actually began on Sept. 22. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t seem to take note of the calendar. Only in Texas can a cool front bring 80 degree temperatures and folks will cheer the cool relief. more
I grew up way out in the boonies on County Road 2124. I have such vivid memories of living there. [Note: You probably have to be a native East Texan to understand the definition of boonies. If you’re not from here, google it.] I rode my bike down our very long driveway during the summers (and farther if I could get away with it before my parents caught me). I don’t think that they were concerned about bad guys snatching me; they were worried about the wild animals in the woods coming out and getting me. It wasn’t uncommon for us to see coyotes, raccoons, opossums, feral cats and all manner of other wild creatures. more
The admonition--one made by generations--urges others to “get out more often.” I’ve made such suggestions many times in a spirit of good humor. The older one gets, however, the more important it is to seriously consider such suggestions. They likely “fit.” As long as folks can “get out,” predictable results include both invigoration and restoration! ***** more
What we knew of “isms,” during days of our youth, was limited. There were many “isms” about which we were totally unaware, and that’s still the case. Initially, though, we figured words ending in “ism” were bad “mocus,” and to be avoided whenever possible. Old-timers complained of painful rheumatism; some of ‘em said they had “rheumatiz.” Years later, it dawned on us that the two terms are interchangeable. Astigmatism came into focus to expand our limited inventory of “isms,” and “communism” may have been our first “ism” word unrelated to health…. more
Hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes. All are natural disasters. But how does one react to a man-made tragedy of equal proportions to any natural disaster? Some will blame it on the division in America. In turn, they will blame the division on presidential administrations (past or present) or on the media (mainstream, cable or online). Yet the real answers lie in individuals and the choices each makes. more
Last weekend, my church hosted a ladies’ conference. I went to it unsure of what it was all about. The preview posts about it on social media were not really clear about what the program would include. It ended up being a good conference put together and done entirely by women from our church. Some sang, some spoke, some greeted and were part of the planning team. more
Living in Jacksonville and working in Whitehouse obviously requires a commute. Though most people measure distance in miles, we Texans tend to measure distance in time. So, my drive to work, and back home, is 20-25 minutes long. more
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