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A week from now, most of us will sit around a table piled high with turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. We’ll gorge ourselves until we feel like we might pop and spend time chatting with family members who we only see a couple times a year. We’ll talk about how little Billy has grown, where Suzy is thinking about going to college and the promotion George got at the bank this year. We will shovel pumpkin pie while little Jimmy tells us about his Minecraft creations and Stacy talks about how far her softball team went in the play-offs this summer. Maybe we will go around the table and have everyone talk about something they’re thankful for. We’ll list our homes, the food on the table, our kids’ good grades or friends. And at the end of the day, we’ll climb back into our cars and head home to sleep off the turkey coma. more
Others may choose to “paint the town red,” but not Houston. There, they lean heavily toward another hue. In the bayou city, orange paint is in high demand. Since their Astros won the World Series, some humans--as well as a few animals--sport dyed orange hair. And, the city’s nighttime glow seems Sunkist. more
No sooner do stores begin taking down back to school supplies, then Halloween items are being set on shelves. Turn around and Christmas trees and decorations are being put on display. Soon to follow is New Year’s stuff. Once you’ve purchased new school clothes, be ready to find that perfect Halloween costume. Of course, before you’ve finished handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, you’ll have to pick up items to make the perfect Christmas pie and find toys to go under the tree for your little ones. Is it any wonder that folks are so stressed during the holiday season or why so many even become depressed? more
As you read this article on Thursday, November 9, I am having my forty-second birthday. I’ve made another trip around the sun. I’ve spent another three hundred sixty-five days celebrating waking up each morning. The older I get, the faster each year seems to pass. In the past year, I’ve seen, done and learned a lot of things. While every year of my life has been significant, my forty-first year seemed especially full. more
At a time not so long ago--when smiling was a frequent response to something said or done-- we were more relaxed, feeling that much was right with the world. Sadly, smiles have pretty much abandoned faces around our shrinking world. Today, if Abbott and Costello somehow reappeared on earth with their best verbal exchanges about “who’s on first,” there’d be quick searches for strait jackets instead of readings on laugh meters. more
Seven years in the same building, same classroom – my own little world in room 103 and the old high school commons area is my art museum and display space for the amazing art that my students create! They just never fail to impress me with what they can accomplish with just a little inspiration, some guidance and the talents hidden inside of each of them. Creativity comes in many forms and fashions and is something that is given by God to each of us. We choose to manifest it in many different ways. more
Conspiracy theorists. I’m certain many conspiracy theorists were stirred up with the recent governmental release, and non-release, of classified information regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Many theories abounded when the murder took place nearly 54 years ago. more
I have never been keen on sales people. I suppose that is not an entirely uncommon thing. Anyone who is pushy and tries to convince me that I should buy something from them comes across all wrong to me. My defenses immediately go up. Those types of sales people usually strike me as cocky, overly confident and stuck on themselves. I have a hard time hearing any of their sales pitch once my walls go up, no matter how much I might actually need their product. Once they’ve rubbed me the wrong way, I can’t hear anything else from them. I just want to run away. more
Early in the 66-year marriage of Dr. and Mrs. Seale T. Cutbirth, she was named “Mrs. Texas.” At his memorial service recently in Brownwood, the 88-year-old physician was remembered for contributions to his community, church and family. more
Clear as mud. That’s the phrase my dad used whenever I tried to explain something, but just confused the issue even more. Somehow, piling one explanation on top of another never really helped any situation. Though I was trying to make myself clear, rather than clarifying the situation, I simply muddled it. Or is that muddied it? I’m not certain when it happened, but at some point I realized I could write much better than I could speak. On paper, I can see my words and I have time to read and re-read what I’ve written before presenting it to another. When I speak, I often forget to take the time to actually think before simply blurting out whatever I may be thinking at the time. Maybe this is what my dad referred to as “running off at the mouth.” more
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