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“One thing for sure,” a reader mentioned the other day, “most of your columns are centered on your own ‘back when’ memories.” An easy counter is that just as many pieces are written about … more
Do you ever wish you’d done it differently? My favorite advice to receive is tender wisdom folks learn the hard way. Today, I share something specific I learned as my mom lay in the hospital for the last time. I didn’t know we were saying goodby. We thought she’d go on to rehab as we had done so often in the past. Six weeks of no driving for her; six weeks of carpooling for me. No problem. more
I hope I’m not alone in this, but I find that my husband is very difficult to buy presents for. The occasion doesn’t really matter, be it birthday, anniversary or Christmas. It isn’t that I don’t know him. We’ve been married nearly 28 years and we’ve been together for 30 if you count the two years we dated before the wedding. It isn’t that he’s all that picky, either. He simply gets what he wants for himself when he sees it, assuming we can afford it. more
When asked which season I like best, I find myself confused about my answer. I tend to say that winter is my favorite season but the truth is there are things I love about every season. In the summer, I can enjoy a much more relaxed pace. I am not driven by a schedule that requires me to be anywhere at any particular time. I can sleep late, spend my days with my children, read or watch movies, veg out in front of the television with my kids, or if necessary, catch up on all the projects I did not have time for during the school year. I can stay up late, go get ice cream cones or snow cones, take naps and go on a quick trip with my family if the budget allows. In short, I like the lazy days of summer because I can be lazy! more
Aunt Maude smirks often, corrects gently and forgives daily. Oh, she also looks the other way regularly to avoid getting the “shakes.” She has attained the same age as my 105-year-old Uncle Mort, and has pretty much figured out how to maintain peace and harmony in their home nestled down in the thicket. Enduring 85 years of marriage to a man who is said to have been made AFTER God broke the mold warrants the admiration of everyone who knows this couple. more
If you’ve ever wondered what you could do to help put an end to ongoing self-segregation, just ask Stanley Cofer. With a dynamic family to back him up, Stanley isn’t letting man-made lines divide his relationships. “I’m not pro-black, I’m not pro-white. I’m just pro-human,” he laughs. So, what does he say to folks who are uncomfortable with his willingness to talk about race issues in a way that spreads unity and grace? What about when white folks distrust his motives? What about when black folks label him as an Uncle Tom? more
Soon we will celebrate Texas’ Independence Day. Set on the anniversary of the signing of Texas’ Declaration of Independence from Mexico, it is a reminder of our state’s rich history. After the declaration of independence was signed, Texas operated as a stand-alone Republic for 10 years, before joining the United States. While Texans are proud Americans, we hold on to much of the individual spirit from our time as a separate nation. The bravery and courage of our Texas’ founders continues to inspire our state today through their legacy of freedom, self-reliance and ingenuity. more
Columns often “just happen”--devoid of both rhyme and reason. Such is the case as this 16th year of weekly “whims” begins. For several days, I’ve thought frequently of circles, some from … more
As a kid, my mom worked for a dentist. She was a chairside assistant. I remember always having plenty of new toothbrushes at home because when the office ordered in bulk, the staff would order for … more
Every mother is different, yet most of us love our mothers. My mom worked full-time, yet made certain I could pursue my interests. She may not have been at every softball, volleyball or … more
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